CBGa, The Cannabinoid that helps me get out of bed everyday

CBGa, The Cannabinoid that helps me get out of bed everyday

Many of us go through various life issues that can lead to staying in bed, sometimes into the afternoon. I look at a 12-hour on, 12-hour off schedule - trying to give my body at least that much of a break while I work on this new brand and other endeavors. Over the last month, I've been tired, and finding that joy in writing and overall life hasn't been easy.

As I got up today, I felt the need for more rest. I even got an excellent espresso with Oatmilk to get me going, and it didn't do the trick. Many of us know how that feeling is when you're forcing your body to push forward, and the bottom line is we need more sleep in our schedules, more downtime, and family time that brings us joy.

But there's such a catch-22 if you're working on a new brand like I am. If there's no content, if nobody shows up to CBGa Crumble to talk about ECS Balance and how to control it, how will the people know what it is? Wow, the analytics on the website drop, showing me that only a few dozen a day are looking, reading, and maybe learning something new about a cannabinoid they've never used before.

Balance is the message delivered to the crowd - but there's so much more to the potentials and abilities of CBGa - especially when ingested in its raw form. I love the Crumble itself as it's such a high % of CBGa and so potent. In my research and many anecdotal cases I oversee, the Endocannabinoid system responds differently to concentration.

CBGA Crumble
Sometimes, I'll use the CBGa concentrated oils, but days like today call for something powerful. When I need a bang to wake up and offset the high doses of very potent cannabinoids I use at night (THC, CBN) - I do what I did today and take a pretty sizeable quantity. One thing I love about CBGa is taking 1/4 gram at once doesn't cause any effects other than making me happy and energized. Today I took a half gram of Crumble about 4 hours ago as I got out of bed feeling extremely lethargic and used that flavorful espresso to wash it down.

I have issues that cause that; I won't go into those; when I spoke to a few friends today, they told me about how they were feeling so lagged by the heat and other situations. I realized quickly that we all feel tired, regardless of a label put on us by a clinician, it's scorching out there with this heat wave, and most people are suffering from that all alone.

CBGa is such an exciting cannabinoid that it's the precursor molecule that makes THCa, CBCa, and CBDa; when it's decarboxylated or heated - it turns into CBG. I call it the "Mother Major Cannabinoid" because she makes most of the beautiful beauties in our various cannabis plants. Many are still learning that it doesn't matter whether it's a THC, CBD, or CBG strain - all start with CBGa.

I love that the number input from consumers using CBGa is that it makes them happy, it gives energy where they didn't have it before, and it causes productivity. How the cannabinoid works in our body to kickstart our Endocannabinoid system into finding an equillibrium, a balance, is incredible.

Sure, there are countless potentials of CBGa in research we could discuss, but I'd rather talk about what caused me to write this blog after nine days of none. Many of us are running our brand solo, with help in fulfillment and product development, but if we're out there in public, we are still waiting for someone to know who we are - and with CBGa? Only some, even in the Industry, truly understand what it is and often need clarification on the difference between CBGa and CBG.

So, I'm sure glad I got a lot of rest and then got energized by CBGa, even though it was a late start to the day. Now we have another blog about CBGa Crumble and its many uses; it's incredible. To be awake and productive right now is a gift from the Cannabis plant, as I planned on spending the day in bed once I returned to it this morning.

Mike Robinson CBGa

Even now, while it's waking me up and pushing the THC and CBN combo out of my system via its strong metabolic abilities, it's also nailing cannabinoid receptors and allowing me to work through the day not even thinking about inhalation of THC until I just typed it.

It's 2 hours after 4:20, so I will light one up and enjoy it; I get the same feeling from such a small amount of inhaled THC that I used to get back in my late teens - my ECS is that balanced. It used to be smoking joints back to back, taking so many dabs, and still finding no efficacy; there's a reason why this is my first brand in the Industry.

I love to smoke all types of Cannabis - and vaporize concentrates - namely THC. It's my love, but I must ensure balance to get the most out of it. So quickly, one dose of a potent creation balances my system, and that lag and drag was left behind.

CBGa, It's the one cannabinoid I believe every human should ingest daily, even if they don't use THC. But, if a consumer does inhale and ingest THC or any Cannabinoid that utilizes the CB1 and CB2 receptors, it's imperative to find balance, whether it be in exercise, diet, or the proper additives to your Canna Protocol - like CBGa.

 -Mike Robinson, Co Founder of CBGa Crumble, and the Creator of ECS Balance Control 

                                      LET CBGA MAKE YOUR DAY!

Mike Robinson CBGa Crumble


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