CBGa Makes My Day: How Gitta Started Gardening Again

CBGa Makes My Day: How Gitta Started Gardening Again

Gitta, a resident of New York City, attributes her renewed energy and vigor to CBGa Crumble, a hemp extract that most have never used in a concentrated form or at all. It's rekindled her enthusiasm for gardening and other activities she had previously lost interest in, significantly impacting her lifestyle. According to Gitta, the balancing effects on the Endocannabinoid System make this transformation possible. This year, the consumption of CBGa Crumble has not just influenced her life; it has revitalized it.

She's now enjoying the fruits of her urban gardening in New York City. She's been busy with her green thumb with recent harvests, including lavender flowers, lemon balm, rosemary, and beans. Seeing people embracing the natural world in an urban environment is beautiful and inspiring and rubs on others. CBGa makes my day is a great slogan, and Gitta agrees.

It's been a challenging year for Gitta Lakatos, who experienced complete burnout in January, significantly impacting her family life and her ability to commute to work. Unfortunately, she contracted COVID-19 in March after receiving her vaccine and inadvertently spread the virus to her family.

Gitta relied on a regimen of ibuprofen, Theraflu, and other over-the-counter remedies for pain relief to manage the distressing symptoms, supplemented with honey lemon tea. She worked to help her family recover in approximately 4-5 days, but her recovery took longer due to complications with her sinuses and hearing.

During that time, her small outdoor garden suffered, and her number one desire was to ensure she had fresh ingredients for the Tea she counted on for her family's well-being, but the challenges of the year left her worn out. Using other Cannabinoids in the past for various reasons, she tried CBGa Crumble and ingested it.

At a turning point, Gitta began consuming a small quantity of it with oily teas, cocoa, or mushrooms.

"I finally enjoyed driving again, which I love to do. My heart was racing so hard that I felt like passing out behind the wheel from hyperventilation because so tired before. Now no more. I'm a happy driver; the kids told me the other week I drive so safely!"

Like so many others, Gitta made contact sharing her excitement about how she got energized to garden again, sharing the true magic of CBGa Crumble. She has a history of Cannabis use that dates back, so it's an easy assumption that her Endocannabinoid System needed some relief.

"My eating habit changed once I had my plants growing again. I feel good overall, just happy in the morning and ready to take on the world, which wasn't the case before. I need my Tea to help my body's hormones balance out so I don't have crazy lady spells or my body leaves without energy. I needed help to grow my plants again and make my drinks."

"My capacity returned, I had none to sit down and read, and I can concentrate on what I do daily again; I believe I was out of balance. Happiness and big belly laughter returned to my life. Then patience returned, and it is an excellent peacemaker feeling everywhere I travel on the New York Subway quite often."

I don't drink caffeine, but I need my Tea, so my garden was necessary. I have energy throughout the whole day. Smoke one or two joints in the evening, having a good night's sleep without waking up. I rely on Cannabis and THC, but now I have a new way of being happy!"


It's always exciting to read patient accounts of how CBGa Makes their Day!

Mike Robinson, CBGa Crumble 

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