Get Ready to Roll: Maryland Lights Up Recreational Cannabis Saturday

Get Ready to Roll: Maryland Lights Up Recreational Cannabis Saturday

Get ready to roll out the green carpet in Maryland; the date we've all been marking on our calendars is Saturday. Maryland has officially said "high" to recreational Cannabis - full legalization is finally here. After a successful vote last November, the state government has been as busy as the bees waiting for more buds, setting up a framework, taxation, and regulatory system to ensure a smooth and exciting launch of this new green gold rush

So, who can buy and sell the good green?

Fancy a bit of greenery from the freshly cut cannabis plants at Cecil County's SunMed Growers, one of Maryland's biggest cannabis cultivators? Well, if you're 21 or over, you're in luck! As of Saturday, adults can freely purchase, use, and possess small quantities of Cannabis without needing a medical card from licensed dispensaries. Plus, existing medical cannabis dispensaries, following trends in other states that legalize recreationally, are converting their licenses to cater to recreational users.

What about medical cannabis patients? Any changes for them?

Medical cannabis patients, rest easy as your world is spinning, as usual, around the need for plants as medicine, and nothing truly changes. The rules for medical Cannabis remain intact post-Saturday. You'll still be able to get your medical Cannabis from licensed dispensaries, and the new law ensures you have patient-only hours and are exempt from the sales and use tax.

How should you prepare for your cannabis shopping spree?

Don't forget to pack your government-issued ID proving you're 21 or older and your wallet filled with cash or a debit card (since major credit card companies are giving a big no-no to processing cannabis purchases due to federal prohibition). And remember, don't go too green with envy: possession limits include 1.5 ounces of cannabis flower, 12 grams of concentrated Cannabis, two cannabis plants, or any product containing up to 750 milligrams of delta-9-THC.

What's the deal with smoking Cannabis in public?

Remember to be a considerate neighbor, no blowing clouds all over the place - the plant isn't new, nor is the smell we love, and others don't. Maryland law clearly says "No-no" to the smoking of Cannabis in public spaces like streets, sidewalks, and public transportation or while in your private automobile. However, certain counties and municipalities might allow you to light up at licensed on-site consumption establishments.

Got a green thumb and want to grow your plants at home?

You're in luck! If you're 21 or over and own the property or have the owner's consent, you can grow up to two cannabis plants. But remember, these little green babies must be out of public view and beyond the reach of anyone under 21.

And what about sharing is caring?

Absolutely! As long as you're both 21 and over, you can share Cannabis starting Saturday. But make sure the shared amount doesn't exceed what one can possess. Remember, no financial exchange can happen for the Cannabis, and taking it interstate is still a federal law no-go.

What about employers testing for Cannabis?

You bet! The new law doesn't stop employers from running cannabis tests. Even medical marijuana card holders can face actions if they test positive, according to The Maryland State Bar Association.

And for those with past cannabis-related convictions or arrests?

Good news! From 2023, anyone convicted of cannabis possession in Maryland may apply for resentencing. The law also allows for expelling cases where the only charge was possessing fewer than 10 grams of Cannabis.

But remember, driving high is a no-fly!

While enjoying the new law, don't forget that driving under the influence of any intoxicants - Cannabis included - is still a big no-no in Maryland.

How's the state planning to make some green from the green?

Think of it as the state's new green gold rush for its coffers. There's a 9% tax on cannabis sales, matching the rate on alcohol sales. The majority of this green windfall will fund the Maryland Cannabis Administration, while a generous 35% will aid communities most affected by the war on drugs.

Keen to join Maryland's cannabis industry?

Come September, the Maryland Cannabis Administration will open a 30-day application period for potential green entrepreneurs. If you're a social equity applicant living in an area disproportionately impacted by the criminalization of Cannabis, you could qualify.

So, in the words of Mike Robinson, one of the top 100 most influential people in Cannabis according to High Times, grab your CBGa Crumble and enjoy your ECS Balance Control because the future of recreational Cannabis in Maryland starts now, and that means people are going to smoking to get High - wait, that's not new, but, knowledge about how to make the experience better is!

What is ECS Balance Control?

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